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Immunity Is The Current Focus

Posted on September 15, 2020 at 3:36 PM
Take Your Supplements as Directed

We all have gaps in  our nutrition and many of you have made the good decision to purchase supplements to fill those gaps.  However, they need to be taken daily as directed to be effective.  Too often a good decision is made to purchase them, but, if they are put in a drawer or cabinet and taken occasionally as an after though your not getting the desired result.  Like everything else, you need to create a habit of taking them daily.  I recommend they be part of a meal.

My Personal favorites:

  1. Nutrilite Double X          A lot more then just a multi vitamin.  Contains 22 different plant concentrates to support immunity, plus 12 essential vitamins & 10 essential minerals.   For more info:|5D1yZf
  2. Nutrilite Heart Health Omega    400 mg. of EPA omega 3's to support heart health and 200 mg. of DHA to support brain health.
  3. Nutrilite Balance Within Probiotic    For good Gut Health and where a lot of immunity starts.

Your Personal favorites may differ from mine, but, if you made a good decision to supplement, make sure your taking them Daily as directed.  

Categories: Optimal Health

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