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My Blog


Shopping from Home

Posted on November 18, 2020 at 6:34 PM Comments comments (0)
My Digital Store Front

The pandemic has accelerated the shift to direct sales.  People are discovering that's shopping from home is not only safer for their health, but also very convenient, plus saves time and money.  Yes, more consumers, even after this health crisis has passed, will continue to work and shop from home.

It's also very mobile, it does not matter where your at, you can do it all on your smartphone.  Businesses are making the shift and keep adding more tools and benefits for a positive customer experience.

Check out MyShop:

Could your own Digital Store Front add additional income to what your currently doing?  To explore and learn more on how it might, send me a private message.


Where you shop makes a difference

Posted on July 28, 2020 at 4:34 PM Comments comments (1)
Local Matters

Sunday July 27, 2020 The Press Democrat news paper here in Sonoma County CA, has a great article on how shopping local matters more than ever.  According to the article from American Business Alliance here's how much of your $100.00 purchase stays in your community when you spend at....

        an Independent local store                       $ 48.00
        an in-town chain outlet                              $ 14.00
        a remote online store                                 $   1.00
  (if the delivery driver resides locally)

We know shopping from home online is one of best things we can do to protect our health during this pandemic.  Unfortunately, a high percentage of that shopping is with a remote seller and not bringing income back in to our community.  You can change that with a business model that uses a team approach to bring $25.00 out of $100.00 back to that community.

Local does matter, so if your serious about making more online shopping contribute to local income, it is within your reach, and you can become part of the solution.  There are already Independent Business Owners in your community operating from home distributing many of those same products you are buying now.  But we need a lot more of them to get a higher percentage of that money back to our communities.

Consider joining our local online shopping team which can create some additional income for you, make more shopping local, and return more money locally.  Starting August 1st, for just $62.00, anyone that registers as an Independent Business Owner, will have access to this business website and all the tools it provides from now through all of 2021.  The timing is right, no other opportunity offers so much for so little investment and no risk.  Give it a test run, you will be surprised as how much will become available to you.

Contact us for more information.  Where you shop does make a difference. 

The Timing is Right

Posted on July 12, 2020 at 3:12 PM Comments comments (0)
Your Very Own Shopping Mall on the Web

Shop Safe, Shop Local.

The timing is perfect to start your own home based business.  Everyone is being encouraged to shop safe, and to shop local.  Avoiding indoor crowds and shopping from your smart phone or home computer is one of the best ways to shop safe.  Plus, if it's from your home based business, your shopping local, and any clients you serve get to shop safe and local as well?

Are you open to different ways to earn extra income?

Right now you can join our Independent Business Owners Association and register your business for just $62.00 per year.  Talk about a low-cost, low risk opportunity, you can give it a test drive with 90-day 100% Money-back Guarantee on the business registration fee.  Plus you will have exclusive access to over 450 High Quality Health, Beauty, and home products that all come with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Added to all this is a large group of Partner Stores that you already shop at that now become part of your own shopping mall.  You define your own success.  The structure and support is there to help you make it happen.  But you decide when you work, where you work, and with whom you work.

When you join our team of business owners your in business for yourself but not by yourself.  The team approach to business ownership opens up more access to training, mentoring, and support.  This business model has a 60 year track record of success and attached you are people with a vested interest in your success,

COVID-19 has changed our world, we all need to be open to new ways to move forward.  If you are looking for added income, this low-cost, low risk opportunity is one you should take a serious look at.  We love the products, but more importantly the high quality group of people we have met and get to work with.  Contact us and let's explore if this could be right for you.

E-Commerce and Local Business Support

Posted on June 16, 2020 at 9:06 PM Comments comments (0)
The E-Commerce Explosion

COVID-19 has changed retail forever.  We now know that staying at home is the safest place to be to for our health.  As a result, we now shop from home and products arrive at our doorstep.  Office buildings and enclosed areas can expose us to many more people and health risks, so many more of us shop from home, and more businesses, that can, have employees work from home.

So how can we support local businesses under this new normal?  I think it's an ideal time to start many more home based local businesses, your Amazon purchases do not usually put money back into your local community.  What if we created a lot more local e-commerce home based businesses, then did our shopping through them, a lot more of the retail profit would then remain in the local community.  Plus, if you have a desire to be your own boss and own your own business, it's a low-cost, low-risk opportunity.  Or, for those that just want service and safe access to products, you can provide them that personal service that's valued and so hard to come by in todays world.

You Can Have YOUR OWN Shopping Mall on the Web!

The PDF below will show you what my business partners & I Have. 
Partner Stores.pdf (PDF — 2 MB)

Re-Opening Small Businesses

Posted on June 3, 2020 at 5:02 PM Comments comments (0)
Taking Steps to Keep Everyone Safe

As businesses are authorized to re-open after "Shelter In Place", some enclosed environments may need to take added precautions to keep their clients safe.  For example, a dentist is working on a client that unknowingly could be exhaling particles into the air that could transmit the coronavirus.  Researches say that the coronavirus can spread in respiratory aerosols, which may linger in the air for an hour or more and floating farther than the six feet commonly prescribed for social distancing.  How do we protect the next person entering the room from an airborne virus?

I think any business that has to operate in an enclosed room needs to consider the need for a Air Purifier to protect the safety of anyone entering a room where different people are coming and going.

If your a Business Owner with that concern, I highly recommend the Atmosphere Sky Air Treatment System.  It's the best performing HEPA air purifier among top competitors for removing contaminants.

 29.65" High
16.2"    Wide
12.2"    Deep
Weight 28 lbs.

Has wheels--easy to move from room to room,  The new motor and volute system have increased airflow allowing the unit to cover 465 square feet.

Retail Will Never Be the Same Post COVID-19

Posted on May 13, 2020 at 9:01 PM Comments comments (0)
Online Shopping is Exploding

COVID-19 has changed shopping patterns and consumer behavior for good.

Are you ready to consider this e-commerce explosion as possible income opportunity for you?

It's bad times like this that new businesses emerge and new success stories begin.
What if, as your doing your own online shopping, a portion of the money you spend could start generating income for you?

Your spending this money anyway!  What if there was a way to use this "Anyway Money" to generate some income, would you be interested?  Are you shopping at a website that pays you for recommending their products?  Does that website give you the opportunity to earn money as well as spend money?  If you owned that website would you shop somewhere else.?  The COVID-19 virus has eliminated a lot of income over night.  It's time to look at your options.

What Area's offer the most potential for future income?  In my view it looks like anything that involves health, ecommerce, home delivery, working from home are going to be on top of the list.

If I want freedom, I need to eventually own my own business.  But I do not want to take risks or make any large investments, or have the over head expenses of a traditional business.
The good news is, in todays world of direct sales, there's  business opportunities through e-commerce that do not require risk or a large investment.

If your ready for new income options let's communicate.  I believe in a team approach for business success, I think the time is right for ambitious people to work together and help others have a better life.  


Steady incomes in short supply

Posted on June 2, 2017 at 3:06 PM Comments comments (2)
Despite falling jobless rate, many still anxious about financial security

In a New Times article by Patricia Cohen she tells the story of what is happening to many employees in today's business environment.  Employees are finding the number of hours they work is swinging giddily from week to week.  This is bringing chaos not only to family scheduling, but also to family finances.  And a new wave of research shows that the main culprit is not the so-called gig economy, but shifting pay within the same job.

Steady work that pays a predictable and living wage has become increasingly difficult to find for moderate income households. Instability and insecurity are increasingly a part of middle class life.

But even high paying executive positions do not have job security.  Buy outs, mergers, and company policies keep changing.  Quite often a promotion comes with more responsibility resulting in more time commitment at work and less free time to be with family.

If you want freedom, and control of your time and income, you need to make a big change in thinking.  You cannot think like an employee, think like a business owner.  Invest in yourself, find the mentors who already have the success you dream of and that are willing to teach you what they have learned from experience.  Be open to change, getting out of your comfort zone and develop a determination to learn and work until you succeed.

Are you ready to take control of your life?  

If so, send your email to [email protected] and we can connect you to a weekly webinar that explains what options many people like you are using to successfully take control of their life.  

Business Owner

Posted on May 26, 2017 at 5:34 PM Comments comments (0)
I love having control of my time and Income.

Studies show the percentage of people that want to be their own boss keeps rising.  If your among them, I encourage you to consider the Amway opportunity.  This business model was designed as a low-cost, low-risk option for people looking for extra income or a way to start their own business.

The Rise of Entrepreneurship

Amways global entrepreneurship report spanned 45 countries and 50,861 men and women, aged 14-99, when fielded in 2016 - its seventh year. Findings revealed that Americans hold an increasingly positive attitude towards business ownership, at 84 %, a striking seven percentage points above their international counterparts at 77 %.
“The 2016 report reaffirms the growing positivity we’ve seen toward entrepreneurship in the United States,” says Dr. David B. Audretsch, AGER partner, professor and director of the Institute for Development Strategies at the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs. “At seven percentage points higher than the global average, it is clear that positive attitudes toward entrepreneurship in America show no signs of receding.”

Millennials aged 35 and younger were the most enthused about starting their own business, yet confidence in one's entrepreneurial capabilities peaked in respondents 35 to 49 years. This is encouraging news and offers hope for anyone wanting to create a better life for themselves and their family.

Your Anyway Money?

Posted on May 23, 2017 at 5:54 PM Comments comments (0)
What is "Anyway Money"?

It's the money you spend every month anyway, (its your monthly living expenses).  Any money left over after that is your "Asset Money" There are many financial experts that can help you with how to get the best return on your asset money and retirement programs.

Let's talk about your monthly expenses.

Are you, or someone else, mining the Gold in your Household?  Your “anyway money”, the money you spend every month anyway is generating a profit for someone.  

Are you tired of giving that profit to someone else? When you love a product do you recommend that product to someone else? Does that referral generate income for you?

We show people how to use their “Anyway Money” to generate added income.  Yes you read that correctly, you can actually create asset income from some of your current expenses.  It requires a change in thinking, being smarter, not cheaper, and referring others to do the same.

To better understand the concept you can read the book "Pro-Sumer Power II" by Bill Quain, PH.D.

The next step is to spend time with mentors that have already achieved the success you want.  That's why we joined the Network Twenty-One team and look forward to sharing what we have learned with you.  If taking control of your time and income is important to you contact us at TD & Associates,